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What to do BEFORE you move in!

We know what it is like to move! We help people do it every day and have done it a few time ourselves. Everyone tends to worry about moving out of their old home, but what about moving into your NEW home. Here are some tips we found from Architectural Digest: 5 things to do before you move in!

1. Get Wi-Fi

Make sure you have all of your utilities, including internet, set up prior to move in day! The last thing you want to deal with in Texas, after a long day of moving, is not having air conditioning or internet access!

2. Make sure everything is in working order

Test all equipment—heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, etcetera—and existing appliances, if there are any. It is less complicated to service or replace equipment before the furniture has been moved in.

3. Tidy up

We usually ask for our clients homes to be professional cleaned prior to move in, but sometimes its nice to know that certain places in your new home were really cleaned!

4. Paint the big stuff

It is much easier to complete big paint jobs before you move all the furniture in. You don’t have to worry about spilling any paint on your favorite antique piece from your great grandmother.

5. Measure!

Check that the furniture you are moving in will fit through the doors or windows. In some cases, furniture may need to be taken apart to be installed inside, and it is helpful to know this before the move.

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