Finding the right home is one thing, but making sure the home is right for your children and their education is another.  Research shows that the local school district and individual school ratings are a significant influence when buying a home. This is true even for buyers without children because of resale value. A survey of nearly 1,000 prospective home buyers showed 91% said schools boundaries were important in their search.

Homes in good school districts tend to sell faster than homes in lower-quality school districts.  Although, there are pros and cons to buying in a top-notch school district.  Buyers here will pay higher property taxes, and much of that money will be allotted right back to the schools. For childless buyers, that’s no bargain. But in general, buying in a good school district does matter and, with more stability in home prices and more savings from costly private school education, it usually works in favor of the buyer.

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