Tuesday Tip: We Love Subway Tile

Tuesday Tip: We Love Subway Tile

This month in Magnolia Journal, Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Market and Fixer Upper, the queen of farm house chic, gave us a peek at just why she loves subway tile.

It’s Family-Friendly

It’s Timeless

It’s Budget-Friendly

It’s Fresh

It’s Versatile

Don’t think that there is just one way to lay subway tile, be creative and use one of these less-expected patterns to add texture and character to the space.


Think bigger, and smaller, for different places to add subway tile:

  • Cover your kitchen backsplash for a classic look.
  • Extend it all the way from countertop to ceiling, especially if you have open shelves that let the pattern show off. This treatment gives the illusion that the room is taller than is actually is.

  • Create an inset above your cooktop, installing a section of tile in a contrasting pattern as a subtle focal point.
  • Line a niche above a cooktop or in your pantry.
  • Install it on an island, under the countertop overhang, making it easy to wipe off show smudges.
  • Make your bathroom easy to clan by installing it on the walls. (Note that if you want to install it on floors, you’ll want to get tile specifically made for floors.)


Check out the Spring Issue of Magnolia Journal for more tips on subway tile! Make sure to share your subway tile remodels with us!

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